solar system (inner planets)

     The Solar System consists of the sun and every thing that orbits it. 8 planets orbits the sun and more than 160 moons orbit the planets. There also more than millions other objects orbiting the sun, including asteroids and comets. the sun's gravity holds the solar system together.
     The solar system began from a swirling cloud of gas and dust called Nebula. Around 4.6 billion years ago, the solar system began to form. It may have been started by a supernova ( A huge explosion of a star). As the nebula collapsed it started spinning . Clumps of gas and dust formed in the collapsing cloud grew bigger and bigger as the gravity pulled more and more gas and dust towards them. A dense of mass formed at the centre of the nebula, which increased in temperature and eventually became our sun. The remaining gas and dust flattened into a spinning disc, later forming the planets.
     The sun is the closest star to earth although its 169,600,000 KM away. The sun is made of super hot gases, mostly hydrogen and helium. It's core (centre) is 15 million degree C hot. About 4 million tons of the sun's mass vanishes every second! This is because nuclear fusion changes some of the sun's mass into energy. Energy produced by nuclear fusion travels from the sun's core to the surface takes 200,000 years and when it leaves the sun it will take 8 min to reach earth.
      Mercury is the suns closest planet to the sun and also the smallest planet in the solar system. It's made of rock with a big iron core, and very dense for its size. Mercury has 1 of the biggest impact craters in the solar system. It's called Caloris Basin it measures1550 KM across. Planets closer to the sun have to be faster than those farther away, or i will be pulled into the sun. Mercury takes 88 earth days to orbit once. However, it spins very slow that a day on Mercury lasts 176 earth days. The side of Mercury that faces the sun reaches up to 430 degree C hot, but at the opposite side it's -180 degree C.
       Venus is the 2nd planet from the sun and almost the same size as earth but the 2 planets very different. It's rocky surface is hidden under carbon dioxide atmosphere that traps the sun's heat making it the hottest planet in the solar system. Venus spins the opposite direction to the other planets and also takes 243 earth days to spin once.1 way to see venus's surface is using radar. Radar can send radio waves from a spacecraft, through a planet's atmosphere to bounce off the surface below.
       The 3rd planet from the sun is Earth. Its is a mixture of gases, mainly nitrogen and oxygen. It also contains water vapor, carbon dioxide and other gases. This mixture is called air. without there will be no life at Earth. Earth tilts as it travels around the sun, this tilt produces the seasons. Earth also behaves as a giant magnet. Liquid iron swirling around Earth's core create electrical currents that produces magnetic field. particles flying out of the sun cause a glow in the sky called an aurora, Earth's magnet field steers the particles into upper atmosphere near the north and south poles. Here they collide with particles of gas, making them glow.
     The 4th planet from he sun is Mars also known as the red planet because its color is red. Mars has the biggest volcano in the solar system, Olympus Mons. It's almost 3 times bigger than mount everest, Mars also has the biggest canyons, Valles Marineris. It's 9 times longer, 20 times wider and more than 4 times deeper than grand canyon. The north and south poles of mars are covered with ice and stay frozen all year round. There are plans to send astronauts to mars this century. A spaceflight would take 9 months. Astronauts would then have to stay 18 month before the planets are close enough again for return journey to Earth.
   Between mars and jupiter is the asteroid belt, if you want more information cheek this.


A drone, in a technological context, is an unmanned aircraft. 

Drones are more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Essentially, a drone is a flying robot. that means it's an aircraft, of any size or type, that flies by itself, without an onboard pilot or passengers. The aircraft may be remotely controlled or can fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems working in conjunction withGPS.  UAVs have most often been associated with the military but they are also used for search and rescue, surveillance, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring and firefighting, among other things. The term unmanned aircraft system (UAS) refers to the unmanned aircraft and all of its components including, but not limited to: control stations and software, remote controls (if necessary), control links, payloads, launch and recovery equipment. 

  • Quadcopter: The most popular name for Small UAVs, which has 4 rotors positioned on a horizontal plane like a helicopter.  
  • Multicopter: A generic name for a drone with multiple propellers. 
  • HexicopterA multi-rotor aircraft having six rotors in which the beauty and advantage of the hexicopter is that it can lose any single engine and still maintain control to land
  • Octocopters: Has eight blades 
there are many other drones like the amazon drone, insect drone,mini helicopter drone, parrot drone and many more 

Pergi ke Brandweer

Danish dan teman-teman dan Jufrouw Kristel ke Brandweer naik bus.
Di sana Danish. Ada lucu-lucu barangnya. Itu ada barang agar tau orangnya sudah meninggal atau tidak . Ada bulatan ditaruh di jari dan kabel agar bisa lihat detak jantungnya masih ada atau tidak.

Tangga mobil brandweer tinggi sekali. Ada mobil yang dapat sedikit air dan ada yang dapat banyak.
Brandwer truck ada juga belakannya barang yang kalau mobilnya ketabrak, yang pintunya susah dibukain, trus ada gunting dan pisau yang tajam sekalai sama besar sama berat. Alat ini untuk memecah kaca pintu mobil.

Terus brandweer juga dapet airspuit , terus dia juga pakai pasir, buat apinya dimatiin.
Kalau kebakar nanti lampunya rusak jadi gak bisa lihat lagi terus, ada alatnya biar bisa lihat orang yang ketutupan asap dan gelap. Terus di rumah kita kebakar, ananti brandwernya ke sini terus nanti juga ada alatnya untuk lihat orang yang ada dalam rumah itu.

Lost treasure of the emerald eye

     One monday morning, Geronimo was late for work. Suddenly, Thea, Geronimo's sister bursted in and told that she had found A treasure map the emerald eye. Trap joined Thea and Geronimo for an adventure, Benjamin wanted to go too but Geronimo didn't allow him. They sailed away to the island. On the journey Geronimo found some small footprints it looke the same as benjamin. That night Geronimo heard something in the storage, when he went to look there was Benjamin. Geronimo was surprised and told everyone, but Thea said it's OK. Some days later there was A storm and washed everyone out of the boat. Geronimo saved him self by going in A trunk and then he saved the others. A few hours later Thea and the others got into in island, it was the island everyone expected.
      The island was full of green things. Geronimo took the trunk out of the water. They explored the island, there was A waterfall trees with fruits on them. Then Geronimo got into quicksand. Thea looked at the map. It was skull 1. Trap saved Geronimo with A vine. Next there were bees, it was skull 2. Everyone managed to escape. Then there were rocks with letters on them. In the map it said to get through the rocks you have to undertsand A poem. Geronimo understood it was cheese, they went past the skull 3 trap. When they got to the X mark on the map there were only green water. suddenly A rodent went out of A bush. It was A tourist he came by plane. They all went home without some treasure. Geronimo looked out the window, he saw the island like the treasure. it was the emerald eye. When they reached home Geronimo booked the adventure and it was the best book in mouse island

The super chef contest

   On A beutifull morning Geronimo Stilton the editor of "THE RODENT'S GAZETTE" was sleeping peacefully until Trap Geronimo's cousin shot something smelly into Geronimo's face. Geronimo washed his face and ran outside to see Trap. Trap said that Geronimo and Trap are going to a big chef contest. Geronimo agreed about it. After Geronimo got ready to go they immediately took of with Trap in a van. When they arrived at the contest, Geronimo was surprised to see so many chefs. Trap and Geronimo went inside the castle where the contest was organized. Trap went in the castle with A large trunk, no one knows what was in there. The contest is going to begin tomorrow, so the chefs can have a little rest. When  night came Geronimo was about to sleep until he saw A plug from Trap's trunk. but Trap said it was nothing.
    When the contest every chef cooked immedaitely but Trap didn'tdo like the other's, he pulled out A screen from his trunk and put it infront of his stove. Trap was displeased by the other chefs. One chef said it was  forbidden to do that but one of the four juries said it was not, so Trap continude to do things in the other side of the screen.When it was time to test the food all chefs made no one could make a six. But when the juries tried Trap, all of the juries held an eight. Every chef was shoked, even Geronimo was shoked. Geronimo tried all Trap's food but everything was terrible, but now it is delicius for the juries. After the first contest was done Trap told Geronimo to wash A pile of dishes it took A long time then Geronimo ate what Trap made, it was A horrible meal.
     The contest took place for A week, from monday to sunday. Trap always got an eight, but Geronimo always ate somthing terrible from Trap. On saturday there were only 7 chefs left. Trap was so confidence until Geronimo heard A telephone rang it was Aunt Sweetfur but Trap was the one who took the telephone, then Geronimo noticed that Trap was cheating. The food Trap made for the juries wasn't Trap's food but it was Aunt Sweetfur's food. So thats why Geronimo ate terrible dishes and the juries ate delicius food. Trap's trunk was an refrigerator, Trap used it to keep Aunt sweetfur's food fresh. When it was night the lights went out. In suday morning Geronimo protesed to Trap to not cheat, but he ignored Geronimo. And opened the trunk. But the food Aunt Sweetfur was rotten. Trap slipped down and hurt his ankle.
      Trap said that Geronimo will replace him, and so did he. Geronimo didn't wan to cheat, he went down town but every store was closed then Geronimo went to A farm. Farmer grew crops without pesticides and got all the other ingridients from that farm. The farmer told Geronimo to win the contest and tell the world about that farm. When the final contest begin Geronimo made A pizza and when the juries ate the pizza, Geronimo got tens, he won. Geronimo got a prize. Suddenly Trap came in and took the prize but then Geronimo said that Trap was cheating and Geronimo got all the ingridients from A farm and so the day went on happily

mouse in space

     In one peacefull night Gernimo Stilton the editor of THE RODENT'S GAZETE, the most famouse newspaper on Mouse Island , was sleeping peacefully. Suddenly he awoke because something, He heard a theif. He ran in a panic to save him self, then he fainted. The following morning Geronimo woke up and started to look for something that might be stolen by the thief. Strangly nothing was stolen. After looking, Geronimo ate some biscuits when he ate the fifth biscuit he abit something hard it was a letter from his friend. It was OOK an agent. he was warniung about something.Gernimo didn't understood. When Geronimo looked out the window he saw A big poster, it wrote how to get rid of thiefs with some tools. Gerinomo rushed to call the company. A few seconds after the call a r came and gave Geronimo the anti-thief tools.
     Geronimo assembled the tools. He finished late at night thenhe gone to bed. A few moments later an alarm rang. Geronimo woke up and checked the reason why the alarm rang. He saw one of the alarm rang because his fish. After turning off the alarm. Geronimo went to eat some cereals. When he poured some cereals A paper went out of the cereal box. It was A letter from OOK again. this time the letter told Geronimo to go out of the house. Geronimo directly got out of the house, out of his house there was A car that took Geronimo to A secret base. His friend OOK was there. OOK welcomed Geronimo to the base and told why he took him here. He told that the ones who sold the anti-thief tools were those thief that brake in to houses 2 nights ago. Suddenly A TV showed a rodent, the rodent instructed the mice from New Mouse City to get the rodent A mountain of gold.
      OOK said that I, OOK and OOV, OOK's sister will go out in space.Geronimo had to be trained in 36 hours. When the tough trainig was over. Geronimo had no time to relax. He had to directly go outer space with OOK and OOV. Geronimo, OOK and OOV blasted out in space with A rocket. Afew moments later the rocket was already out in space, suddenly astroids hit the rocket. The antena was damaged because some astroids hit it. Because the antena didn't work OOK and the others couldn't now where the thief's satellite is, so Geronimo went out to fix it but the cabel couldn't reach the antena. So Geronimo unhooked the cabel and fixed the antena. But after fixing the antena Geronimo accidently kicked the rocket and he floated away the rocket. Geronimo floated to A big astroid. Unless it was the thief's secret satellite.
      Geronimo fell inside the satellite.When Geronimo got up he saw the thiefs looking at him, then he fainted. When Geronimo woke up, he was tied up, he tried too get out but it was no use. A few moments later OOK and OOV arrived. Geronimo was very happy but OOK said that they had to leave because the satellite is going to explode. OOK, OOV and Geronimo went out just in time before the satellite exploded. Geronimo asked about the thiefs to OOK, then OOK opened the TV screen, there was the thief running away. The thief may got away but the city is safe.


Intro to Drawing

Made using: Khan Academy Computer Science.